Connecting Brands and Customers

Transforming brand-customer communication
with comprehensive customer experience solutions.

Experience a new beginning

Ensuring Seamless Customer Experience

Connecting online and offline experiences through Vircle for customer loyalty.

Safe and Convenients
Digital Guarantee

Providing a safe and convenient
post-purchase experience

Expanding Customized Benefits with Membership

Try customer management through
personalized marketing with Vircle memberships

Supporting Pop-up Solution

Enter the Pop-up store and retention
supported by Vircle every aspect

Customer experience
management transformation with Vircle

Extend CX

Extends the customer experience with ultra-personalized services

Data analysis

Dashboard to check customer
and product information

After service

Easy follow-up
with wallet apps

Simple Issuance

Easy design and issuance
in just 1 minute

Utilizing omnichannel

Have no boundaries
between online and offline

Engage customers with
diverse brand touchpoints

Offer exclusive experiences with warranties, memberships, and tickets

Easily manage product transfer, history, and A/S

Simplify product management
with seamless support

Enjoy seamless offline authentication
with QR codes

Provide customers with a new offline experience using QR codes

Start Customer Experience Management
with Vircle